Meet The Lionhardt Team

Board of Directors

Blake Laidlaw is proudly a founding member of the Lionhardt organization and officially became its Chairman in 2017. Blake has spent much of his career in Logistics, with both small and large corporations, working at various levels of executive leadership. In 2017, his life’s dream of community service came to fruition when he joined Valley Regional Fire Authority. With experience from both inside and outside of the fire service, Blake brings a unique and diverse breadth of experience and exposure and provides an invaluable perspective to our team.

Blake is long-time, close friend to our champion, Donovan Eckhardt. Blake and Donovan became friends during their freshman football season at Capistrano Valley High School. Both transplants to Mission Viejo, CA, the young men developed a close bond over their mutual love of music, laughter and the outdoors. Their friendship strengthened further when they each later relocated to the Pacific Northwest, together experiencing married life and the start of their young families.

Blake currently resides in Maple Valley, WA, with his wife Shayna, and their two children, Mackenzie and Reed. He remains an avid lover of the outdoors and spends as much time as possible on trails or campsites with his wife and children.

Scott Harter joined the Lionhardt organization in 2019 and has proudly served as a firefighter with Renton Regional Fire Authority since 2008. After all his years of continued service, he remains steadfast in his commitment to support Lionhardt‘s champions and his communities, both Renton and Gig Harbor.

Scott attended the fire academy and joined Renton Regional Fire Authority with our champion, Donovan Eckhardt. During their years of service together, the two forged a friendship that extended beyond the fire station. Working on one another’s house projects and sharing a beer after a long day created some of Scott’s most cherished moments with Donovan. It is because of their friendship that Scott has so passionately served Lionhardt, supporting each champion in the spirit and memory of his friend.

Scott currently resides on a hobby farm in Gig Harbor, WA, with his wife Rachel, and their two children, Axel and Jett. Community and time together are very important to his family. They host an annual Pig Roast on their farm, among other fun events, to bring family, friends, and neighbors together. Their family adventures extend to Montana, where his wife, Rachel, grew up on a barley farm. It’s a bigger farm, a bigger sky, and a fantastic spot for the 4th of July.

Jeremy Schumacher officially joined the Lionhardt team in 2020, but has been a supporter of the organization since its inception. As an established Project / Mechanical Engineer in the aerospace industry, Jeremy has cultivated extensive experience in project organization, facilitating communication, challenge identification and resolution, and the type of collaborative attitude required to support a productive and successful business.

Jeremy is a long-time friend of our champion, Donovan Eckhardt. Jeremy and Donovan met on the basketball courts of Newhart Middle School in Mission Viejo, CA. With a shared passion for hockey and the beach, Jeremy and Donovan became and remained close friends from childhood on. It is because of Jeremy's commitment to his friend, Donovan, that he whole-heartedly supports the causes championed by Lionhardt.

Jeremy currently resides in Lake Forest, CA, with his wife Jenna, and son Dylan. Proudly, their daughter, Emily, is a full-time college student in Montana pursuing a future in community service. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the southern California trails on his mountain bike and spending time with family and friends.

Andrew Harm joined the Lionhardt organization in 2020. Andrew comes from a family of first responders and joined the Renton Regional Fire Authority as a firefighter in 2016. Andrew’s passion for service is a keystone in Lionhardt’s continued growth and champion support.

Shortly before he began his pursuit to become a firefighter, Andrew’s father sent him a video of the procession for our champion, Donovan Eckhardt. He was astonished by the bond shared between first responders and their respective and surrounding communities. Only after Andrew joined Renton Regional Fire Authority did he experience firsthand Donovan’s impact, his model of work ethic and service, and his continued influence on probationary firefighters to this day. Although Andrew never met Donovan, he is dedicated to Lionhardt’s effort to continue Donovan’s legacy and support his fellow first responders and their families.

Andrew currently resides in Renton, WA, with his wife Rebecca. He enjoys spending free time with family and friends, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

Chelsea Hodgson joined the Lionhardt organization in 2023. She has served her community as a law enforcement officer since 2013, promoting to the rank of sergeant in 2021. Her first experience with first responders began while working as a reporter where she fell in love with the idea of giving back to her community and working alongside those with a shared mission and value system.

When not behind the wheel of a patrol vehicle, Chelsea volunteers her time baking birthday cakes for underserved children. She and her husband have called the Pacific Northwest home their entire lives and enjoy exploring wherever their hiking boots can take them. Their true passions revolve around dedicating their free time traveling the globe and experiencing new cultures and perspectives.

Mike Boginski joined the Lionhardt Team in 2023 and has served with the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority since 2017. Prior to joining the fire service, Mike began his military career in 1993 and has seen firsthand the many challenges our military and first responders and their families face each day. It is through this very personal experience, Mike develops his staunch support for to help the individuals and their families in their time of need.

While going through the fire academy, Mike was first introduced to the Lionhardt Foundation through his classmate, Blake Laidlaw, and his steadfast support for his friend and our champion Donovan Eckhardt. Through the years, Mike developed a profound appreciation for the Lionhardt Organization and was more than willing when asked to become an official member.

Mike currently resides in Gig Harbor, WA with his wife Jacquie, and their two kids, Mason and William. Making up for countless years spent deployed, Mike and his family are constantly seeking new adventures both local and abroad. Avid hikers, backpackers, campers, bikers, skier; they can usually be found in the mountains enjoying their campsite after a long day of activities.

Shayna Laidlaw joined the Lionhardt organization in 2020, but has faithfully served as an advocate for the organization since its inception. With a background in sales, Shayna now works for a global marketing agency in digital marketing. With her knowledge of leveraging technology, Shayna possesses unique and important experience that can help build awareness of, and support for, Lionhardt.

Shayna grew up in Mission Viejo, CA, and went to Newhart Middle School and Capistrano Valley High School with our champion, Donovan Eckhardt. After relocating to the Pacific Northwest, Shayna and Donovan remained close friends, sharing beers, laughs and even double dates with their future respective spouses, Blake and Jamie.

Shayna currently resides in Maple Valley, WA, with her husband Blake, and their two children, Mackenzie and Reed. She adores time spent as a family and the challenge of a good jigsaw puzzle.

Emily Somera joined Lionhardt in 2024 and first learned about Lionhardt back in 2018 from Shayna and Blake. She is excited to work alongside Shayna and assist with the organization. Emily currently resides in Enumclaw, WA with her husband, almost 3 year old daughter and will be enjoying time with their baby boy this upcoming June. Emily enjoys spending time with family, friends, traveling, working out and being outside.

Carli Thompson joined Lionhardt in 2023. She has many first-responder family members and friends, and cares deeply about the mission of Lionhardt.

Carli is a small business owner, and loves to be involved in the community. She enjoys camping, crafting, exploring new places, going to concerts, and spending time with family and friends! She currently resides in Maple Valley with her husband and 2 kids.